One of a kind.

Handcrafted multi-dimensional sacred geometric designs. 

Made with intent to inspire awareness of the Infinite Potential.

Finished with Hemp Oil 

Infinite Love and Gratitude.

Sacred Treeometry

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Sri Yantra Piece made in Costa Rica.

Couple of little crystal grid pieces made in Costa Rica

Alien Transmitter piece made right before moving to Costa Rica

Wooden Everything

Wooden Backpack at waiting to get into Envision Festival in Costa Rica

Crafting a big ol Flower of life piece. Feeling like Doc from Back to the Future

Dr. Ackerman and I with his custom made Flower of Life Logo

Wooden BAckpack in Costa Rica

The Envision crew. Wooden Brimmed Hat

Wooden Briefcase pictures right before jazz night

First wooden brimmed hat

First picture with me in it on my instagram lol

James Bond Table

Upstate with some Crop Circle pieces

Grounding into the new energy of the Spring

Greetings Earthling

If you made it this far into my one page website, Congratulations! I now love you deeply. You taking the time to look at my work means the world to me. If you were feeling abundant today and purchased a piece of my art, I want you to know how honored and grateful I am for you love and support. Blessings, Health and Prosperity to you and your loved ones.

Infinite Love and gratitude