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T R I B E Pendant

T R I B E Pendant

We are the T R I B E


Introducing the TRIBE Pendent-

-Limited Quantity- in Tigerwood


***Each pendant is made by human hands. And used some, if not all Upcycled materials.

THERE WILL BE IMPERFECTIONS including but not limited to scratches, dents, cuts, debris in epoxy. This will not affect the pendants usage!

This magnetic orgonite pendent is the epitome of conscious tools for manifestation. How? We are using orgons ability to store universal energy and protect against negative emfs from cell phones, electronics, radios etc to create an harmonious environment around our hearts. With our hearts open and protected we can now use the powerful neodymium magnet as bridge to universal consciousness as everything from the microcosm to the macrocosm operates through electromagnetism.


The piezoelectric effect from the quartz crystal amplifies this effect and the selenite keeps the quartz clear infinitely.


  • Disclaimer

    There is a strong magnet is each pendent! Do not wear if you have a PACE MAKER and keep away from you cell phone as magnet has the possibility of effecting the memory or other components. These pendents are not meant to cure or prevent disease.

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