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Sacred Geometry 101

Sacred geometry is known as many, MANY things. The geometry of consciousness. The shape of "GOD". The math of nature 

In essence sacred geometry is the fundamental frame work of how all life manifests itself into form throughout the cosmos. "As Above, So Below". These specific shapes, patterns and mathematical ratios can be found in something as small as an atom to as large as an entire galaxy. The information provided on this page will help you begin to understand the basics of what sacred geometry has to offer your life.


This video does a beautiful job at explaining the basics of sacred geometry and how the seed of life comes to be.

The Seed of Life can be seen in the beginning stages of a develop baby as well as a new galaxy being born in the universe. Keep in mind that the drawings of the Seed of life are only 2 dimensional images compared to the 3 dimensional developing embryo.


(See below, click to enlarge images)

Here is Part II of the video above.

Highly recommend 

And from the seed grows a tree. We find that as we continue to draw circles in the same pattern motion as we did with the Seed of Life we find this symbol know all over the world as the Tree of Life!

The Tree of Life also known as the Hebrew Kabbalah Tree. But it has now been proven that the tree of life and its meaning didn't not originate with the Hebrews. It has been found in Egypt Craved into rock at he Karnak Temple in Luxor. Although it is depicted as a different looking tree, it has the same meaning. It is basically  roadmap of the universe and how to navigate your own soul on this journey. This video by easy kabbalah will provide you with the basic understandings of the Tree of Life. 



There is so much knowledge to learn from the Tree of Life. Seeing as this is a 101 page I will leave you do your own research if you wish to continue on the topic.

As the tree reaches near adulthood it begins to flower shows us this new image filled with more and more information of creation. It is called the Flower of Life. This symbol has been found throughout the majority of Ancient civilizations and was known as the same thing to each of them.

Spirit Science 

Flower of Life
Flower of Life Golden Temple, India
FOL St. Magnus Cathedral Scotland
FOL Euphrses, Turkey
FOL Eygpt
FOL Forbidden City China, under Foot
FOL China under Foo Dog foot
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