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Selenite Revine Crop Circle

Selenite Revine Crop Circle

The mysticism of crop circles and aliens has been a pinicale for my art for a long time. I have bee in aw of these designs, wondering hoe can i possible take an impossilbe design that came from the cosmos and create it out of wood. Do i begin to draw and mapp out what needs to be thicken, what needs to be added or taken away. and it this creative mind, i remembered  an image of a selenite cave somewhere in South America. Its vast beauty that most have never  seen with Selenite crystals as big as palm trees. It took my breath away. I decided that i wanted create a the selenite revine piece as a dedication to our star brothers & sisters and connect them so some of the most magnificent earthly places that exist. Here is the Selenite Revine Crop Circle


Approx. 22" x 18"

Birch Wood

Selenite infused Alien Language

Selenite- Clears negative energy for a space

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