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Royal Enlightenment Crystal Geode

Royal Enlightenment Crystal Geode

I know that it is difficult to stay aware and focused on the inner realities when the world is always screaming for attention and demanding your loyalty to be fearful.

Especially these days when the world is in deep flux and filled with uncertainties.

For me there is only two basic ways, the way of the WORLD and the way of ONE.

To break the connection to the unconscious matrix way of living we must focus on living as consciously.

That means tracking ourselves like prey in the wild. Monitoring our thoughts, habits, movements and even breathing patterns. It takes a strong will and strong conscious commitment. But if your reading this post your already type of person seeking inner truth.

So make the commitment to live as consciously one step at a time. Pick one thing! The WAY OF ONE! Stick with it until it becomes the a new habit that serves your growth. Simple but powerful! Let’s heal this world by no longer giving energy to what isn’t truth! Which is love and unity! I love you!


Royal Enlightenment Crystal Geode

23” x 23”

Quartz & Fireglass

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