Anubis Sweepstakes - Digital Print

Anubis Sweepstakes - Digital Print

This purchase gets you a digital print of my Anubis Wooden Art Piece and a chance to win the real thing!

-Not for the Anubis piece itself




-1st of the

Deity Collection


Anubis- Egyptian God of Death, Resurrection & the Underworld


Anubis is normally depicted as a man with the head of a black jackel. A jackel because in ancient times jackels would lerk around tombs and black because of the black sand around the Nile River. He was the protector of the dead.


I chose Anubis as the first diety for a very symbolic reason. Many of you can most likely relate. Before coming back into my woodshop, I was in a dark place. I was trying to find myself again after many trials & tribulations. It was after I made a hard decision to leave San diego and come back to New York that I knew that the darkness was NOT going to win this battle. And I started to do everything in my power to step into my birth right as a being of love and light; once again waking up from the cold sleep of emotions i was dwelling in. And so I did! I put all my focus on healing and overcoming my "old stories". Letting people go from my life serve the "old verison" of me and this is when i realized that I feel like I went through a DEATH. An ego death of sorts. And it felt like making this Anubis was a symbol of this resurrection I went through.


Making this piece I was in full bliss. It was a reminder of the man I AM. Letting the old me die, and being reborn in this piece. It showed itself to test my mind and skill on how I can create him. And after hours and hours. Redoing, shaping, redoing, and shaping again I pulled it off. And I love it so much.



Wood: Maple

20'h x 18"w x 2.25"t


  • Steel Wool & Vinegar stain for the face/ears
  • Blue food coloring and Gold paint for the head dress
  • Natural wood for the body



Crystals inlayed under the 3-dimenisnal components of this piece

Selenite- clears negative energy

Black Tourmaline- grounds and protects from emfs

Blue Kyanite - cuts fears and blockages

Rose Quartz- increases love vibrations and opens the heart

Aragonite- boosts feelings of self-confidence


New prizes added:


11” Magnetic Grid piece! It’s a conscious tool as well as home decor! Use this grid to program your intentions into a magnetic field!


 11" Pink Salt Crystal Altar! Salt is said to cleanse negative energy so by using the salt as a conscious tool we can make our crystal grid with comfort knowing the salt will keep only good vibrations near by! And it looks so pretty doesn’t it?



Good Luck! I pray for your abundance!


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    May abundance be on your side!

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