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Pink Salt Crystal Altar

Pink Salt Crystal Altar

Pink Salt Crystal Altar


Salt is said to cleanse negative energy so by using the salt as a conscious tool we can make our crystal grid with comfort knowing the salt will keep only good vibrations near by! And it looks so pretty doesn’t it? And also using sacred geometric patterns as the base of our grid we are insuring that our grid is of the highest vibration!


Comes with:

  • The Seed of Life Alter
  • Pink Salt


Crystals not included!




  • Returns and Exchange Policy

    Each piece is made to order by hand and is "One of a Kind". No one piece is identical. They take hours and multiple days to craft. And because of this:




    If a product is in need of repair, it may be shipped back at buyers expense. Repairs may take 1-2 weeks depending on the issue.

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