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Pineal Gland Flower of Life w/ Obsidian Eye

Pineal Gland Flower of Life w/ Obsidian Eye

One day back in 2015 I had decided to embark on a mushroom journey into a float tank. That journey allowed me for the first time to be complete oneness with literally any and everything you can imagaine. All time, space, thoughts, memoires, places things and beings. Imagine that. It was a life changing experience. As I am starting to settle back into m human awareness a few ideas came to my mind. One being the Sacred Treeometry logo! the other being this Flower of life shaped as a pineal gland.  This was the same year that my wood working love would blossom. And 6 years later here we are, making imagination come to life.


I found this piece of wood at a construction site. I was sentenced to the dump and would have been if i didnt stumble upon its existence. It had a bunch of cool knots in it. And it dawned on me exactly what it need to be made into.


Pineal Gland FLower of Life w/ Obsidian Eye

Pine and Birch

Black Obsidian Eye




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