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Labyrinth Seed of Life Piece

Labyrinth Seed of Life Piece

Selenite Crystal infused Labyrinth Piece was inspired by a good friend of mine from Costa Rica. He would draw these elaborate labyrinths from his mind onto the beach. People would come observe this spectacle and most would end up walking his masterpiece.  A labyrinth is used for meditation. as an active way to focus on the present moment and just be where you are. This is a labyrinth for the mind. Sit in a comfortable position while gazing at the piece. Set an intention for your practice. Now, focus on your breath and follow the path with your eyes. Keep your mind on your intention. When you make it to the center, stare at the seed of life and allow the experience of sacred geoemtry to encase your body in peace. A journey to manifest your life the way you want it to be. Set an intention and nurture it like you would your garden. Your thoughts hold the seeds of your fruits. Your actions are the soil, water and sun to your intention. Labyrinths provide the environment for both to align in perfect harmony. The intentional walking with in the vortex, creates a whirlwind of vibration suitable for manifesting reality. Labyrinth was poured with selenite crystal powder in the resin. Approx. - 22”x 22”
  • Returns and Exchange Policy

    Each piece is made to order by hand and is "One of a Kind". No one piece is identical. They take hours and multiple days to craft. And because of this:




    If a product is in need of repair, it may be shipped back at buyers expense. Repairs may take 1-2 weeks depending on the issue.

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