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Ice Sparrow Crop Circle 💎

Ice Sparrow Crop Circle 💎

Ice Sparrow Crop Circle piece 💎

Winter is coming. And as the birds begin to migrate to from the bone chilling cold thats to come, we are left with ourselves. The cold will keep most of us locked up tight to operate under the same paradigms and habits we do each and every winter.
For some, this is great.
For others, it feels like a curse.
Whichever it is for you. We have a choice.
Stay the same, or change. Change from feeling cold & dark, and fly to where the warm sunshine is all embracing.

This Ice Sparrow Crop Circle art piece
represents choosing to embrace a new version of yourself. Leaving the old, cold you in the past.
Sparrows represent integrity, choosing to hold yourself accountable, even on cold days, choosing to light a fire inside and move forward. They represent empowerment & hardwork. Reminding us to give everything, but UP! And lastly representing wisdom. The inner wisdom in our gut, heart and spirit. Like my beloved always says “ if it’s not a fuck yes!, it’s a no”. If you don’t feel it fully in your gut & heart. Then move on! That’s the inspiration behind this artpiece 🙏🏻

- 23.5” x 19”
- Epoxy Quartz geode
- Alien encoded language
- Maple finished in Hemp

  • Returns and Exchange Policy

    Each piece is made to order by hand and is "One of a Kind". No one piece is identical. They take multiple days to craft. And because of this:




    If a product is in need of repair, it may be shipped back at buyers expense. Repairs may take 1-2 weeks depending on the issue.

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