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Customized Voice Etching

Customized Voice Etching

I wanted to create somehing meaningful as a gift for any occasion. I came up with the idea of having you record your own 3-10 second voice note to your loved ones and etch it into the wood so your message lasts a lifetime. 


When your loved one is feeling down, they can look back at your voice speaking love to them. It is a simple yet powerful way to make sure your love ones continue to feel you even when your away.


Your Recording must be between 3- 10 seconds or you must be able to provide a longer voice waveform from a recording.


16" x 8" 

Wood: Birch

Finish: Hemp Oil


Customized Voice Etching


  • Etching of the Waveform from recording
  • Etching of the words you spoke in the recording







  • Production Time

    Please allow 1-2 weeks to be created, as this product is made by human hands!

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