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Crop Circle Hummingbird

Crop Circle Hummingbird

I walk side by side with darkness. Often it swallows me. Makes me look at myself and my life like a burden, like a fleeting moment. The thoughts are relentless. I pray for them to stop. They don’t. They continue and continue. The inability to forgive myself is crippling. And as I walk the mental & emotional maze of depression, this mood tries become the identity of the person I call me. I’ve become a master of putting on a happy face and continuing to press on. Somewhere along the stroll, in my minds eye I see a flicker of a light. It’s a spark of an idea to create something beautiful. And like clockwork, this need to craft and build takes the lead. I follow that trail out of this heavy maze and into the light that is being an artist.

HUMMINGBIRDS represent love & joy. The prayer that I hold in my heart is to feel love & joy more than just in the woodshop creating. Their ability to hover in place seem to defy time and space. The grace in which they maneuver is mesmerizing. I pray I embody the spirit of the hummingbird. And mimic the love, joy and grace in which they exist. Iloveyou

Crop Circle Hummingbird


Reclaimed Wood

Selenite & Quartz crystal heart

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