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Alien Transmitter

Alien Transmitter

Alien Transmitter

Inspired by an artist from the stars in a field of corn. It is said to be the radio antenna that the extra-terrestrials have been using to communicate with the governments of Earth. This gave me the idea of using the image itself to help project my consciousness into space to initiate communication with my star brothers & sisters. Just a fun idea.


This piece has over 80 hours invested into it. There is a decrease in height as we work our way out from the center of the piece to give dimensionality. In order to calcuate the math to draw this properly, I had to dividthe size of each circle by the Golden Means ratio. Turnout to be quite difficult on my alien brain, but we did it! . The seed of life in the center is hanging with golden rope and has mobility. It moves just like a spider in a web. 


Alien Transmitter

Type of Wood: Birch & Maple
Stain: None
Finish: Hemp Oil 
Approx. 48" x 24" x 2"


  • Meditation
  • Water/food Charging
  • Vision Board
  • Crystal Grid
  • Vibration Amplifier ( Love, gratitude and protection)
  • Consciousness Awakening
  • Home Decor
  • Returns and Exchange Policy

    Each piece is made to order by hand and is "One of a Kind". No one piece is identical. They take hours and multiple days to craft. And because of this:




    If a product is in need of repair, it may be shipped back at buyers expense. Repairs may take 1-2 weeks depending on the issue.

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