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Activated Merkaba- 22"

Activated Merkaba- 22"

Each piece is made to order by human hands and may take 1-2 weeks to be shipped out to you. 


The Merkaba also known as a Star-Tetrahedron is said to be the geometric energy field around our bodies that can be activated and used as a tool for interdimesional travel and much more.

Mer- meaning Light

Ka- meaning Spirit

Ba- meaning Body

Made up of two counterrotating Tetrahedrons, this light vehicle can be harnessed through meditation and special breathing techniques. You can find these techniques in Drunvalo Melchizedek's books " The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life- Vol.1 & 2". 


Behind every 3-Dimensional piece is  special healing mixture of crystals inlayed into the wood.

  • Selenite- clears negative energy
  • Black Tourmaline- grounds and protects from emfs
  • Blue Kyanite - cuts fears and blockages
  • Rose Quartz- increases love vibrations and opens the heart
  • Aragonite- boosts feelings of self-confidence 


Mantras and chanting are performed during the crystal inlaying process so the crystals have a high vibration beforing coming to your home. And the selenite ensures that all the crystals are constantly clean of all negative vibrations


Activated Merkaba

  • Type of Wood: Birch & Maple
  • Stain: None
  • Finish: Hemp Oil
  • Approx. 22"



  • Home Decor
  • Meditation
  • Water/food Charging
  • Vision Board
  • Crystal Grid
  • Raising the vibrations of a space
  • Subconsciously awakening consciousness
  • Return Policy & Exchanges

    Each piece is made to order by hand and is "One of a Kind". No one piece is identical. They take hours and multiple days to craft. And because of this:




    If a product is in need of repair, it may be shipped back at buyers expense. Repairs may take 1-2 weeks depending on the issue.

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